Train Station Slip Risk Assessment

Train Station Slip Risk Assessment

It is highly recommended to check train stations occasionally to assess potential to slip By a professional company

Reasons for Slip Risk Assessment at Train Stations

Hundreds of thousands of people pass through train stations around the world every month. There are countries where the density of train stations is very high and as a result there is a fear of slipping. People eat and drink at train stations and sometimes the dirt is on the floor, sometimes the cleaners leave a wet floor at train stations and this can lead to slipping. There are many factors that can lead to slipping but it is very important to perform a test for the tiles.

The main reasons are:

-Food and drinks

- Wet surface due to rain or cleaning

- Poor maintenance

- Improper surfaces

-human mistake

- Fast running of people to the train

Slip Test

The slip test is performed by Pendulum Tester. they need to achieve a PTV of 36 or above in both dry and wet slip testing conditions.

Munro's Slip Resistance Testing Service

Munro performs Floor Testing Service in Train Station In the UK and around the world.

Our advantages:

- Evidence of accuracy

- Expertise

- Reputation

- Compliance to established standards

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Train Station Slip Risk Assessment