Guidance Notes

Guidance Notes

Guidance Note #1

Getting The Most Out Of Slip Testing

Getting The Most Out Of Slip Testing (PDF)Download
Guidance for those considering commissioning a slip test for risk assessment purposes. Advice on factors to consider such as sampling rates, slider selection, contaminants and reassessment.
Guidance Note #2

Understanding Slip Ratings

Understanding Slip Ratings (PDF)Download
Guidance aimed at helping those responsible for the purchase or specification of flooring products. Advice on the most common test methods and which is most likely to be appropriate in the UK.
Guidance Note #3

Cleaning & Slip Resistance

Cleaning & Slip Resistance (PDF)Download
Effective floor cleaning is crucial in maintaining optimum slip resistance and minimising slip risk. This guidance note discusses how and why to clean flooring, and includes pointers on making a case for changes to established but ineffective cleaning regimes.