Pendulum Testing for Anti-Slip Certification

Our fast and inexpensive sample testing service is used by manufacturers, distributors and designers to certify the slip resistance of flooring products.  Certify your product to aid R&D, add value, ensure compliance, and mitigate the risks associated with slip and fall claims on the finished surface.

Anti-slip certification at a glance

  • BS7976-2 'Pendulum' Testing 
  • Rz surface roughness measurement 
  • Straightforward inexpensive pricing
  • Fast 48hr turnaround
  • Standalone publishable test certificate
  • All calibration certification available on request
  • Expert post-test guidance and advice
  • Established reputable brand
  • Tests conducted by an active UK Slip Resistance Group member
  • UKAS calibrated test equipment
  • Independent and impartial 
  • Experience including 1000's of tests and regular involvement in personal injury slip claims.
  • Pendulum Test by Munro
Anti-Slip Product Certification-Pendulum' Testing

We are regularly called to provide independent evidence in costly disputes between specifier, supplier and/or end-user.  In most cases the dispute could have been avoided had the product been properly tested before being laid.

Anti-Slip Flooring Certification is used regularly by our clients to certify new products, determine suitability for a given environment or compare properties of potential flooring choices.We aim to provide everything necessary for those seeking to prove the performance of their product, for sale, tender, or compliance with specification.We provide BS 7976 Pendulum Test Values (PTV's), the Health & Safety Executive and UK Slip Resistance Group's preferred method of test. If someone slips and makes a claim it is this method that will be used in a UK court.

In addition we supply BS 1134 surface roughness (Rz) measurement.  Rz values are often specified by architects and are included in our sample tests, where surfaces permit such testing, at no extra cost.The resultant standalone test certificate can be used in marketing your product or a full report with extensive data and comment. This means you can let your clients know how good your product is by supplying a straightforward certificate directly or in marketing. You can also provide independent expert guidance and opinion where necessary with the full report.

Expert post-test support and guidance are freely available as required.  We like nothing more than talking slips and if we can help you fine tune manufacturing processes, or boost sales by ensuring you have a full understanding of the strengths of your product with regard to slip risk, we will be more than happy to do so.

Commission a test today

  • Give us a call to discuss your requirements.
  • We will issue a quotation detailing all pertinent information.
  • Prepare a sample (or samples) of 150x150mm to 500x500mm.
  • Send the sample (or samples) to our Burnt Mill premises.
  • We will issue a full test certificate within a guaranteed 5 working days (typically earlier).
  • We will dispose of or return the supplied sample(s) at cost as required.
  • Pay within 30 days.

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