Munro's Slip Testing Products and Services

Munro Instruments remains a bastion of high-quality British manufacturing. Our Pendulum Tester is used by many of the world's leading tile and flooring manufacturers, tyre companies, highway authorities, forensic engineers and health-and-safety consultants.  Our history is strongly rooted in the London and Essex area, having occupied various premises in Lambeth, Clerkenwell, Kings Cross, Tottenham, Bounds Green, Barking and Redbridge. Our factory and offices are currently located in Harlow.

Our slip resistance consultancy services span all stages of flooring life, from anti-slip certification of new surfaces, through periodic slip risk assessments, to expert witness support in the event of a slip injury claim.  We manufacture the Pendulum Skid Resistance Tester as described in numerous international standards, and support its use with all consumables, servicing, calibration, training and of course excellent customer service.

In addition to slip resistance testing, since the 1800's we have manufactured devices that measure wind, rainfall, temperature and humidity.  We supply to organisations worldwide, including meteorological offices, airports, defence ministries, power stations and offshore rigs.  We also manufacture portable air samplers for workplace air quality asessments.  

In 2019 Grip Potential Ltd was absorbed by Munro Instruments (forming the basis of our slip resistance service arm) and Munro Instruments became part of the MRC group of companies. We now offer an extensive range of laboratory products, which can be viewed on our dedicated Laboratory Equipment website.

I am committed to the provision of any and all resources required to ensure good professional practice and quality of testing/calibration by Munro Instruments Ltd.  I am committed to the continual improvement and effectiveness of Munro Instruments management system and compliance to BS EN 17025:2017.  It is important both to me and the company future that customer requirements are met, or where possible exceeded, in addition to statutory and regulatory requirements.

John Adams, Managing Director of Munro Instruments