Floor Testing Service-Avoid A Lawsuit

Floor Testing Service-Avoid A Lawsuit

All workplaces, public offices, public buildings, malls, should check the safety of the anti-skid floor. A slipping accident can be caused anywhere and may take you to court. You must protect yourself before this happens. A high percentage of accidents are caused due to Falling. It can even lead to death. Every property owner must guard and defend himself from legal proceedings. The test is performed using Pendulum slip testing. The HSE's preferred in situ slip test method.

Why is it important to perform Floor Testing Service?

If you do not have slip testing equipment, you can use our Floor Testing Services. The tests are reliable and professional with a detailed report. In Law  you are mandated to ensure floors Are Safe From Slips. A falling accident can lead you to legal proceedings and high fines(You are liable to 2 years in prison and a £20,000 fine). You should regularly prove through floor pendulum testing that the tiles are safe to use .Floor Testing Services Can protect you from these damages before it happens. Our report will prevent fraudulent claims and support you in court if necessary. In addition it will help you pay low with the insurance company.

How Floor Testing Service is performed

The test is performed by experts with extensive experience in the field. Grip Potential specialise in Floor testing services utilising the Munro Pendulum slip testing device. Pendulum slip testing to BS 7976-2 (the HSE's preferred in situ slip test method). During the test we measure the surface roughness, This gives us additional tools for opinion on the risk of slipping. During the test we also check the environment of the floor and not just the floor surface. To draw better conclusions. At the end of the test you will receive a full and detailed report including the consequences of the test. Full reports are issued within a guaranteed 5 working days but often sooner. The Pendulum ‘Slider’ is a calibrated rubber of a known hardness mounted on a spring loaded foot.

Pendulum slip testing by Grip potential

Grip potential performs floor pendulum testing professionalism and reliability. . Our team has been conducting testing on a daily basis for almost 9 years, with over 5,000 individual assessments under his belt for Grip Potential. Our testing is conducted only by experienced operators. All test equipment is externally calibrated annually by independent UKAS accredited bodies. We have certificates for all our equipment. We are members of the UK Slip Resistance Group, the leading independent authority on slip resistance in the UK. Our customers are satisfied with us and you can see feedback on the site. Our slip test is conducted in strict compliance with the HSE's preferred in situ test method BS 7976 (the Pendulum). We remain completely independent from any anti-slip solution providers and never profit from any referrals.

Floor Testing Service-Avoid A Lawsuit