A Brief about Pendulum Slip Testing Service

A Brief about Pendulum Slip Testing Service

Accidents are always bound to happen at a workplace. Among these, accidents caused due to slipping and tripping are the most common ones. The process of testing a floor of a working environment with pendulum slip testing can prevent these accidents. Many factors could play a role in the accidents. It could happen either due to contamination, the footwear, material of the floor, or the working environment itself, etc. The test will help you understand these. 

The pendulum has a slider that can be changed. This enables it to examine the slip resistance of locations where common people would preferably walk barefoot (changing rooms, swimming pools, etc.) and even the places where footwear is worn commonly. 

What is Slip Resistance Testing Service?

The Pendulum slip testing   is capable of producing the same output when while walking on a slippery surface, a person's heel touches it and slips. For the replication of the characteristics found after someone slips on a floor that is contaminated, this test is used. HSE's preferred in situ test method BS 7976

The outcomes of a Pendulum Test, when performed by a A professional company, may be utilized to correctly assess the potential of Slip Risk Assessment among many flooring materials in any condition. And thus protect you from injuries and lawsuits in the courts.

Since then, there has been a strong link between the readings of the pendulum and the occurrence of accidents of pedestrians slipping. In the country of the UK, this method of testing is given more preference than any other test. It is because it helps in easier understanding of the risks of pedestrian slipping and is also capable of testing various types of flooring materials.

A Brief about Pendulum Slip Testing Service

Importance of Floor Testing Service

If you own a workplace where there are ample workers, then you are legally bound to get the Floor Testing Service. This ensures that there will be the safety of the workers in the environment without any hindrances. 

The Pendulum Slip Testing shares its results in the value known as, SRV,PTV. This value changes as per the inclination of the floor and the type of activity that is to be performed there. In general, by the recommendations of the HSE, the flooring of a workplace qualifies as being safe if it has a measure of a PTV that is 36 on normal and above 36 on higher surfaces. 

Low: 36+ 

Moderate: 25-35 

High: 0-24

Where shall I do the pendulum slip testing? 

The intention of this test is to reduce any inconveniences to your business. In only a few minutes, the test gets done. Try to perform this test in areas that have a different location yet are on the same floor material. Since it is portable, it may also be utilized on-site while taking up very little room. The different areas could be the one with low footfall, one with moderate, and one with high footfall.

Suitable places for slip testing are: recreation centers, trains, buildings, airports, museums, schools and universities and more

A Brief about Pendulum Slip Testing Service