Munro Pendulum Newsletter July 23

Welcoming a new staff member

The growth of our unique calibration lab has left us struggling to keep up with the demand of those seeking the highest possible quality of accredited calibration.   We were then pleased to welcome a new starter, Liam Williams-Brown to the Munro family this month.  His contribution will ensure we continue to offer a fast response even as we increase the capacity of the lab to handle more calibrations each week.

New Flooring... read more

Munro Pendulum Newsletter June 23

Support of new operators on railway network

Following purchase of a new Pendulum testing kit for a large contract, Munro were happy to support new operators on their first night shift conducting independent slip resistance measurements on London’s railway network.  Whilst operators had previously received training to ensure they could assemble, verify and operate the machine correctly, Munro attended simply to provide additional support and answer any questions that arose during that night’s assessment.  The operators finished their shift... read more

What Are Slip Resistance Ratings in the UK?

What Are Slip Resistance Ratings in the UK?

Slip resistance is a crucial aspect to consider in various industries and environments, especially when it comes to ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals. In the United Kingdom, slip resistance ratings play a vital role in determining the suitability of surfaces for different applications. From commercial buildings to public spaces and residential areas, understanding slip resistance ratings is essential for maintaining a secure environment and preventing accidents caused by slips... read more

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