Slip Testing in Wet Leisure (Swimming Pools)

Slip Testing in Wet Leisure (Swimming Pools)

Slip testing of wet leisure facilities makes up a large proportion of our work at Munro.  Slips occurring in wet leisure are undoubtedly common, but this doesn’t have to be the case.  Whilst the combination of children, wet floors, and challenging cleaning conditions makes management of slip risk difficult, slips are not inevitable.   Munro can offer a high-quality slip test, expert assessment of factors affecting slip risk, and unbiased recommendations to help responsible parties manage their slip risk.

Floor Slip Testing Services for Swimming Pools

For pool surrounds and attached changing facilities there can be no doubt that water contamination is inevitable in end use.  In order to provide a safe environment, it is essential that the flooring is anti-slip (or 36+PTV in the wet to be more precise).  Anti-slip flooring is invariably rough, which in turn means a greater deposit of body fats and minerals within the surface and more difficulty when cleaning.  This trifecta of issues, wet floors, significant contamination and difficulty of cleaning, is what makes management of slip risk in wet leisure environments so challenging.

With slip test data you can determine which of your floors are currently acceptable and which require improvement.  Expert (and crucially impartial) advice on improvement methods, supported by repeat slip tests gives clear evidence of improvement, informing future slip risk management.   As floors in wet leisure environments can change so rapidly with differences in contamination and cleaning rates, regular testing is imperative if slip risk is to be managed effectively.   Trying to mange slip risk in a wet leisure environment without testing is impossible, a fact that would quickly become apparent in the event of a slip injury claim.

How is this test performed?

The test is performed using the BS 7976-2 Pendulum tester. The Pendulum Test is the subject of a British Standard and is the preferred method of the HSE (Health and Safety Executive). It is the test utilised in slip injury cases.  You cannot prove that your floor is safe without having conducted a Pendulum test. 

Munro’s extensive experience in conducting slip risk assessment to exacting standards in a wide range of environments makes us an excellent ally in your efforts to reduce slip accidents in a wet leisure setting.  Our risk assessment slip tests are conducted to the same standard as those we produce for the court in slip and fall legal claims, we don’t benefit from any anti-slip products or solutions, and all works are conducted in accordance with the Health and Safety Executive’s preferred method the BS 7976-2 Pendulum to UKSRG Guidelines.