Slip and fall accident investigation service

Posted 2021-06-02 10:49:25

Slip and fall accident investigation service

If you have a sliping accident at work you must take the service of investigating the accident. This will protect you from legal proceedings. The company that performs the test has the capabilities to test the durability of the flooring and prove that the flooring is safe. Accidents at work constitute a high percentage of accidental death. Early inspection of the floor can prevent this. If this happens, the incident must be investigated in a professional manner. Even if you think everything is fine. A preliminary professional examination can protect you

Causes of Slip / Fall Accident

Fall Accident can be caused for many reasons. It can happen in offices, in public buildings, in a mall, in a supermarket. As a result of wet flooring, negligence at work, ice on the flooring and more. Slipping is a dangerous thing that can result from a minor injury to death. The damage to the property owner can be very large.

What to do in case of Slip / Fall Accident?

In the event of an accident you must protect yourself through a professional company that will investigate the accident and protect you. At the moment of the accident cooperate and do not run away from responsibility. First thing will offer assistance to the victim in the accident. Second, record the incident and record what happened there. Tuesday will report the incident to whoever needs it, to the police, to the insurance company. And at the end you will investigate the incident in a professional manner.
We, Grip Potential can offer a definitive measure of slip resistance providing overwhelming evidence that a floor is safe or slippery. Through Pendulum slip testing we can protect you in legal proceedings. HSE is the UK Slip Resistance Group's preferred method. Our slip accident investigation includes working closely with engineers, lawyers to prepare a professional report appropriate to the courts.
 We have rich experience in accident investigations and we offer slip and fall accident investigation report. we can support our report with expert witness or advisor services at competitive rates.