Reasons for Slips and Falls in The Buildings

Reasons for Slips and Falls in The Buildings

In every office and in every public building there is a fear of slips and falls. It can be caused by a wet environment or something is wrong with the floor.

Possible Reasons for Slipping

Here are the possible reasons for slipping and falling

Wet surface

A wet surface can cause a human error or a technical malfunction like a pipe explosion for example. In addition improper installation of flooring can also lead to slipping.It can certainly be dangerous and lead to slipping and injury.

Reasons for Slips and Falls in Buildings

Improper floors

Installation of defective floors, holes in the floor, fray flooring, can cause slipping. It is mandatory for every building manager to check the tiles regularly.

Poor lighting

It is important to pay attention if there is dim lighting in certain places in the offices, on the stairs. Darkness can hide various objects that are there and will not be seen.


In high-rise buildings there are large stairs and there is a danger of slipping and falling. People sometimes go down quickly, or pick up an object and do not see and as a result slip and fall Sometimes the lights on the stairs also go out and then we get completely dark It is important to put up signs and safety lights.

Human error

Another reason is human error. Lack of looking where you are going, watching your personal phone, distractions and more

The Recommended Solution for Slipping - Slip Testing Service

slip risk assessment service uses a Pendulum slip testing device to help you identify and rectify slippery surfaces This test reduces the risk of slipping and can protect you in lawsuits You can ascertain the slip risk posed by different surfaces throughout a room, building or estate . we take into account all factors affecting the potential to slip. HSE's preferred in situ test method BS 7976

Reasons for Slips and Falls in Buildings