Pendulum Test-Recommended Places

Pendulum Test-Recommended places

The method of the British standard for estimating slip resistance is known as the Pendulum test. The result of the test determines whether the flooring can be used in public places.  

Why is it important to take the test?

Pendulum Slip Testing Service is very essential in order to test the tiles against slipping. Every year there are thousands of slipping accidents in public places. This can protect you from injuries and lawsuits in the courts.

Recommended Places for Slip Testing Service


In hotels it is recommended to perform slip testing in the following places: bathrooms,swimming pools,kitchens,lobbies,car parks. It is customary to perform slip testing in hotels in both small and large hotels in order to avoid slipping. The test is performed using a Pendulum Tester.

Pendulum Test-Recommended Places


Pedestrian traffic in museums is very large. People come and go all the time. It is important to maintain a proper floor. First of all you need to understand the slip resistance of your floors in museum. The test is performed using a Pendulum Tester.

Pendulum Test-Recommended Places


Hundreds of thousands of people pass through every airport in the world every day. There are many passages and it is important to check the slip resistance of floors. The risks of slipping at an airport are: high traffic from external entrances, the pushing / pulling / carrying of loads, a distracting environment. Slip Testing in Airports Is very important in order to maintain the safety of the passengers

Pendulum Test-Recommended Places

Railway Stations

Similar to airports, Railway Stations also has tens and hundreds of thousands of passengers a day at various stations. People go up and downstairs, passing stations and the danger of large wet or improper flooring. Slip Testing in Railway Stations Performed by a professional and reliable team using a Pendulum Tester

Pendulum Test-Recommended Places


Small and large shopping centers suffer from many slips and as a result also lawsuits in the courts. It is recommended to understand the slip resistance of floors in all malls. Shopping centers also have a food and beverage section. Food and liquids on the floor are a clear danger of slipping. Slip Testing in Shopping Centers

Is a good way to understand the slip resistance of floors in a mall Thus it will help you to prove that your floor is in good condition and meets the standards.

Pendulum Test-Recommended Places